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Abhishek Bhardwaj

On DogeChain

Launched on August 15, 2022, DINU is a community driven meme token on Dogechain! DINU was made to unleash the creativity and full potential of the DOGE community. LEARN ABOUT DOGECHAIN!

Such Amaze

Much Wow

DOGE Inu is the cute orange ambassador who is helping Dogechain in their mission to onboard millions to crypto. Crazy, right? We are also the first Inu token on Dogechain!

Over half of our supply was burned at launch and the liquidity is also burned forever so there is no chance of rug pull. We'll make Dogechain great again.

Woof woof

$Dinu Contract Address


0% Tax

We don't do taxes! Buy away, and relax. We go to da moon with 0% tax.


Contract Renounced

The contract has been renounced and is now owned by the community

50% Supply Burnt

50% of the total supply has been burnt to a dead wallet


How to get

On Desktop


DINU is on Dogechain, the L2 blockchain for DOGE coin.

You’ll need to add Dogechain Network to your wallet and bridge DOGE tokens in order to come over!

It’s very easy and we’ll guide you through it in a few simple steps!


Go to ‘Settings’ in your Metamask wallet and find the networks section.

Add a network manually and enter the following info for Dogechain:

Network Name: Dogechain Mainnet

RPC Endpoint:

Chain ID: 2000

Currency Symbol: wDOGE

Block Explorer:

Once saved, you should be able to connect to Dogechain by selecting it from the network selection menu.


Next, we need to fund our DogeChain wallet with wrapped DOGE tokens.

For this, you’ll need to already own some Dogecoin (DOGE) tokens. If you don’t, you’ll need to get some using a crypto exchange such as Binance.

- Open the official DogeChain bridge, at:

- Connect your wallet to the app. Make sure that you have selected the DogeChain network from within your MetaMask extension or app. Sign the transaction that pops up.

- Return to the bridge window and click the green “Confirm” button.

- A Dogecoin address will appear, corresponding to your account. Send your desired amount of DOGE to the address shown on your screen.

- Once complete, your WDOGE tokens will show in your MetaMask wallet.


Now that your DogeChain wallet is funded and ready to go, its time to buy your $DINU.

- Visit the official DinuSwap exchange at

- Enter the Contract Address (CA) for Doge Inu 0x8a764cF73438dE795c98707B07034e577Af54825

- Swap your desired amount of $WDOGE for $DINU — make sure you leave some WDOGE left over for future gas costs!


You made it DOGE!


Win 1B DinuWin 1B Dinu

How would YOU like to WIN 1 TRILLION DINU tokens? YES, that’s right, ONE TRILLION DINU tokens are going to be given away to one lucky winner! Read more below!

DINU, the community owned token on DOGECHAIN is pleased to bring you this exciting competition. A competition designed and created by the community for the community. We are extremely grateful to those community members who made this possible. Thank you and good luck to you all!

To enter into the draw to win:

  • You need to buy (and hold) at least $50 worth of DINU on either DINUswap or MEXC during the competition period.
  • For every $50 you spend you get 1 ticket, to a maximum of 100 tickets. You can enter multiple times throughout the competition period to increase your chances of winning.
  • You will need to follow DOGE INU on Twitter @DOGEINUDOGEINU
  • You need to retweet the DINU competition tweet from your account.
  • You will need to make a post on Twitter that you have entered the DINU TRILLIONAIRE competition, tagging 3 friends in the post as well.
  • If you purchase a ticket on DINUwin you will get a 2x multiplier (once off).

Competition rules:

  • The total prize is 1 TRILLION DINU tokens to be awarded to ONE winner.
  • The competition will run from 5/01/2024 10pm UTC to 6/01/2024 10pm UTC.
  • All rules MUST be followed for your entry to be eligible to enter. No exemptions.
  • Any entries that are deemed malicious will be excluded from the competition.
  • The winner will be announced and notified within 1 WEEK of the competition closing.
  • Winner will receive the tokens over 5 months, in equal instalments. This is to protect the community from bad actors.
  • Proof of Competition Prize of 1T DINU is held in this address, ready for distribution.